A Literacy Journey – Joshua’s Story

As a child, Joshua was smart but struggled in school with ADHD and had no support at home.  By the time he was in high school, he was kicked out of his house, quit school, and began working for a moving company. Now, he is a stay-at-home Dad to his three children while his wife runs a business to support the family. 


After realizing that the GED he obtained online was a scam, thoughts of his education began creeping into his mind, and he thought to himself, “Why complain when you can do something about it?”  He was referred to Literacy Connections by Wayne Community College (WCC) and was connected with a one-on-one tutor.



Joshua says his tutor was easy to work with and never rushed him. Literacy Connections allows the flexibility to figure out the student’s learning style and provides support and resources for the student and the tutor.


After a lot of hard work, Joshua graduated from Literacy Connections at the end of 2019 and was in the process of transitioning to WCC when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He confidently took on the role of teacher for his children, and he has been able to use some of the same techniques that helped him learn.  After he gets his GED, Joshua hopes to enroll in the automotive program at WCC and open an automotive repair business with his father-in-law.


“Coming to Literacy Connections,” he says, “was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Learn more about Joshua’s journey at www.literacyconnections.org


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