Unsung Heroes

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

As we all settle into our “new normal” of the foreseeable future, we realize the unprecedented impact this physical distancing is having on the whole of our society. I would like to highlight the astounding job our healthcare workers and first responders put forth every day.


For 30 years I was one of those healthcare workers and I understand the burden on their mental and physical health.  Healthcare workers are tasked to BE THERE no matter what. This puts many in very difficult positions regarding childcare and tending to the basic needs of their own families, not to mention their enormous physical health risks.  Many are single parent households or both parents work in service professions, and our mobile society puts long distances between extended family who could help shoulder the loads of our unsung heroes. One might think the variables facing these indispensable workers could be a recipe for great distress.  This is not something we want to see in those workers we depend on to be at their sharpest and most focused.  Amazingly enough, these individuals figure it out…they live daily with a plan A, B and C and will be available for you in your time of need.




 I have worked alongside these people in the worst of circumstances and through more emergencies than I care to count. The stunning fact is that professionalism is at the core of these heroes while serving the public.  You will be cared for in the same way they would want their family members cared for… they will step up and work with their peers in ways you cannot imagine to do everything humanly possible to provide the best outcome for you, and those most precious to you. 


So, while we do our part to keep this novel virus from spreading and allow our healthcare systems time to address this pandemic, we must follow guidelines issued by the CDC and local and federal government.  Pray for our community (putting in a special word for all the helpers), country and global brothers and sisters as we go through this time of tribulation together. And finally, use this time at home as a gift of reflection on what is really important in the grand scheme of things. Stay safe, be well and God Bless you ALL!

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