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I tried to end my life, but it just didn't work... She proceeded to pull her flowered shirt sleeve up and revealed to me the scars from where she had taken a razor blade and carved the words WORTHLESS and YOU ARE UGLY into her arm. Years of being drugged, forced into prostitution, physical and emotional abuse, continued drug use to numb her pain, and rash poor decisions had led her to believe that her life had absolutely no purpose or meaning. In her eyes, death was the only option.

I rubbed my finger over the cut marks and reminded her, that no matter where she had ever been, or what she had ever done that in God's eyes she still has her same value! I wiped the tears from her eyes, squeezed my new friend's hand and whispered, YOU ARE PRICELESS! You see she is somebody's daughter, niece, mom, granddaughter... I don’t think of her just as my client, yet she is my friend and I love her. Later as we escaped to a weekend women’s church retreat, I saw those same arms that were freshly bruised and scarred from drug needles stretch up to the sky as my friend began to weep and blurt out, “THANK YOU JESUS FOR NEVER GIVING UP ON ME!”

She's in a "safe house" now for trafficked survivors. There she will receive the trauma counseling, life skills, and rehab she needs to start her healing. You see as long as you are breathing, there is always HOPE. God is still writing her story. To be continued...

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