From The Pig Pen There Is No Place Like Home

Monday, July 30, 2018

Picture Caption:  The Buzz was in England!! Gregory Peele and his wife Nancy, were recently in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire , England visiting with their two granddaughters and The Buzz Around Wayne County!!


I extend warm greetings to all of you good people and fellow Buzz enthusiasts. It is my sincere hope that this issue of The Buzz finds each of you well rested, in good health, and enjoying a great summer. My wife, Nancy, and I traveled to England since we last met. Did you know that there is a big pond between here and there? In addition, the people speak kind of funny and drive on the wrong side of the road.  In spite of our differences, we had a great visit with Nancy’s oldest daughter, her husband, and their two beautiful daughters. I am reminded of what Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz: “There is no place like home.” We had a wonderful time, but we were ready to get back to Nahunta.


Do you remember Dorothy’s traveling companions and their distinct wishes which they felt would be granted to them if they could just reach the Land of Oz and meet the Wizard? I suspect each of us can identify with the cowardly lion. It takes a great deal of courage and fortitude to travel along the paths we face, on a daily basis, in present day America. Courage must consist of more than just the absence of fear. We must pray, daily, for the strength to meet, persevere, and triumph over those things which we both dread and fear. More often than not, we have a tendency to fear change and unknown quantities.


The scarecrow underestimated his ability and was asking for a brain. I don’t have much trouble understanding his dilemma. As I look, listen, and contemplate what is going on in this country, I am, more often than not, perplexed and dumbfounded beyond words adequate to describe. I find myself asking, how did we ever reach this point? Could it possibly just be that we need to do a better job of studying the issues, blot out the excessive rhetoric, and make decisions based upon what is true and that which is in the best interests of our great nation?



Finally, let us deal with the tin man who was seeking a heart. I am afraid that far too many Americans thought process is no longer being filtered by their heart. We have become consumed by spontaneous gratification syndrome. We want exactly what we want, and we want it right now. We have become so wrapped up in what is best for us and our immediate circle of associates, that I fear we have become obsolete to the plight of others.


Are we a perfect nation? Can we do better? Is there much work yet to be done? Is each of us doing our part? You must make these determinations. As always, until we next meet, be of good cheer.


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