From the Pig Pen: Our Children Are Crying Loud and Clear

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I hope each of you Buzz followers are doing well as I write my article for this month. Today is President’s Day and am enjoying not having to be at work. The weather is nice and spring can’t possibly be lurking too far around the corner. I never did put a whole lot of stock in whether or not the ground hog saw his shadow on Ground Hog’s Day. In spite of the fact that we raise pigs, I think that is just a bunch of hog wash. If we get a big snow later on, I guess I’ll just have to take the blame for it and my lack of faith in Old Phil.


            I wish that I could close my eyes and the horrible shooting in Florida could be erased. But we all know that is just not going to happen. Seventeen students and teachers saw their lives cut short, wasted, sacrificed and for what? If someone out there has these answers I surely would like to hear from you. How much more of this reckless abandon and insanity are we as a nation willing to tolerate and endure? I only have one simple question to ask. Is there anything more important than the safety and welfare of our children? When and where is our breaking point? How much is enough? Hurricane Floyd and Matthew have taught us that a dam can only hold so much water before it bursts. I have to believe we are rapidly reaching our saturation point in regards to how much pain and needless, senseless violence we as a country can absorb.


            I am not any smarter than you good citizens of Wayne County. In fact, if the truth be known, I suspect I pale in comparison to the majority of you. But, I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that something has got to change and it needs to be sooner than later. The young adults of this nation are crying out loudly and clearly. Are we listening to and digesting what they have to say or are their words merely bouncing off of our ears like echoes on distant canyon walls?

If our children are truly our most prized possession, then our actions, our mannerisms, and our patterns of speech should be reflecting that sentiment while we still have the opportunity. There may not be any one simple solution but the longest of journeys often begins with a tiny step.  It would be my prayer that we as a nation, by the grace of God, press on toward that noble task. As always, until we next meet, be of good cheer.


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