Cajun Pralines...An easy to make Holiday Candy!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Yesterday, I was asked by someone for my Cajun praline recipe, so I decided to share it with our Buzz readers. Being part Cajun and from Southern Louisiana, pralines are a traditional holiday candy in our family. And the best part is that they're easy to make! Only takes a few minutes to make.




The recipe below makes a "double" batch yielding about 4 dozen pralines, depending on your spoon size. Make sure you get the soft ball stage correct because cooking too little or too long could cause you big problems!! Take a look at our Perfect Praline video below on the bottom of of the web site.


It's a classic!




2 cups brown sugar


2 cups white sugar


1 cup evaporated milk


A very small pinch of salt


2 tbs.'s melted butter


2 tbs.'s vanilla


2 cups pecans, whole or chopped




*Mix the brown and white sugar, evaporated milk and salt in a saucepan.


*Continue cooking and stirring on medium heat until mixture reaches a softball stage.


*Make sure you are stirring constantly so you don't scorch the pan. Now add the butter, vanilla, and pecans


*Continue cooking and stirring for about 1 minute or until mixture is thick again


*Quickly drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper which should be placed on top of newspaper. Enjoy!!!

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