This Christmas, It’s Time For Everyone to Go Fishing…Sort of!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Even though this story is a little bit about fishing, it’s more about relaxing, enjoying the moment

and respecting each other.


It was this past mid-October and one of the prime times of the year for pier fishing here in North Carolina. So my wife and I went fishing on one of our beautiful fishing piers here in North Carolina at Surf City.


People were fishing shoulder to shoulder, with not much room for anything else.  There were whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all kinds of other people of different ethnicity.  There were no Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Independents out there that day. We were all just people out there having fun, enjoying the sound of the ocean and trying to catch some fish! We all laughed together, told each other our old fishing stories, talked about our families, got our lines tangled, gave bait to each other, used each other’s fishing tools and just enjoyed each other for the day.


There was no discussion of politics, religion, sexual abuse or any other current hot topics.  We just fished and respected each other as human beings and became good fishing friends.


That day, we wound up catching only a few Pompano, blue fish, white fish and a bunch of pesky bait sucking fish! But who cares as it was a day of relaxation away from reality!



If you haven’t figured out the point of the story yet, it’s quite simple.  In this day and age, I do believe we all need more “fishing days” to help make this country and world a better place!


So, let’s all go fishing this Christmas…… I hear the speckle trout are really biting right now! 


By the way, don’t forget, Christmas is about helping each other and giving to those who need our help.


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