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Family is Everything!

1 Corinthians 13:7

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

My sister is the best at keeping our family together. Since our mother’s death, she has stepped up and made sure that not only are the siblings connected but we are connected to our extended family. Recently, she hosted a memorial service for our late uncle. One of his sons and all of his grandkids travelled cross country for the memorial service. One of his sons was unable to travel because he was awaiting a lung transplant and couldn’t travel. He had been unable to travel to see his dad before he passed away.

Because my uncle’s family was on the west coast, our local extended family helped care for him. One of his cousins, Grace spent most of her time with him at the VA home until he passed away. This was not only a comfort to him, but to his family that lived so far away.

Life is so busy that it would be easy just to take care of your family and not be bothered with others. But this is not what God wants. Because of my sister’s determination to keep our family close, we have all reaped the benefits. It nurtures special relationships and builds a strong support system within the extended family. For the most part, we are aware of everyone’s struggles and successes and that gives us the ability to pray for one another.

The day of the memorial service, my cousin got the news that there was a lung for him. And I know that the timing was a God thing. My cousin had prayer warriors and cheerleaders all over the United States. His transplant was successful and we have all been rejoicing! Family is everything!

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