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Literacy Connections of Wayne County is extremely excited to ask the community to join us in celebrating the immense accomplishment of one of our graduates. Margarita Garcia-Fernandez graduated from Wayne Community College on May 12, 2017 with her High School Equivalency. She began her journey in 2012 at Literacy Connections of Wayne County.

Originally from Mexico, Mrs. Garcia-Fernandez came to Literacy Connections to improve her English language skills. She was partnered with tutor Debbie Brantham. As time passed, Margarita decided to increase her education as well as her employment opportunities. She understood that in order to expand her opportunities, she would need to increase her education.

Once she felt comfortable that her English ability would allow her to do well in a classroom, Mrs. Garcia-Fernandez decided to apply to Wayne Community College to start the process there that would culminate with her being awarded her High School Equivalency. Not only was Margarita handed her High School Equivalency, she did so while her former tutor and friend Debbie Brantham watched and cheered her from the crowd. Now that she has achieved this goal, Margarita plans on furthering her education at Wayne Community College, with an eye on career options in the healthcare field.

Again, please join Literacy Connections of Wayne County in congratulating Mrs. Margarita Garcia-Fernandez in her amazing accomplishment. We know she was a diligent student that worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone. Literacy Connections will be watching with awe as she begins the next leg in her life’s journey.

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