From the Pig Pen: May I borrow Your Truthometer?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I am pleased to send the warmest of greetings to each of you fine citizens of Wayne County and followers of the Buzz. Summer is lurking on the horizon and the days are getting longer, the temperature higher, and the afternoon thunderstorms are becoming more frequent. Graduation is right around the corner as I contemplate what I should write about this month. It is a very busy time of year with Tee Ball, baseball, youth soccer, summer camp, family vacations, and a host of other activities all crammed into a short span of time.



As I closely scrutinize those who are busy making the news and, likewise, those who are reporting the news I am somewhat amazed, downright shocked, and sometimes bewildered to the point of total confusion by what I see, hear, and read. I pose this simple question. How is an ordinary American, such as me, supposed to know what to believe? From my perspective it seems to be one of those situations that’s just about as wide as it is long. People, from both sides of the same issue, are more than willing to change their account and description of any particular event in order to best serve their own interests.


This leads me to my second question. Is it possible that both the politicians and those reporting their actions may be somewhat removed from the total truth on a regular basis? I try to pay attention to what is going on and dissect and filter as much of the information being sent my way as I possibly can. Obviously my system cannot digest and absorb all that it is exposed to. Perhaps I am the only one who feels this way. It may be a problem, particular to me, and not being experienced by the public generally speaking. Somehow, I suspect that I am not the only passenger sailing on that boat.


Finally, I arrive at my final question. How can I find out exactly what the truth is? I have neither a black crystal ball nor a Ouija Board. Should I flip a coin, cut a deck of playing cards, or possibly draw straws? Yes, I agree, these possibilities seem somewhat both trivial and childish; but, I would argue no more so than the actions of our elected officials and those charged with the task of accurately reporting what is going on. I am reminded of that 70’s tune “The Games People Play.”


Perhaps, given enough time, things will logically sort themselves out. Do me this one huge favor between now and next month. Please be in much prayer for our nation. As always, until we next meet, be of good cheer.

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