Goldsboro Teens Making a Difference

Impact Teens Goldsboro is a youth-led non-profit organization founded by 17-year-old Ja'Shawn Faire and 18-year-old Khalil J. Cobb, both of whom reside in Goldsboro, to serve by offering various community activities and service events for teens to be involved in. Their goal is to gather a diverse group of teens and provide them with various opportunities to become successful leaders. Impact Teens Goldsboro is doing whatever it takes to lower teen crime rates, bullying, suicide and more in our city.

In order to help lower teen crime rates, suicide, and bullying they need the help of our community. They have many successes under their belt, but could accomplish much more with the much needed support of Wayne County.

​Become an IMPACTEE with them and help make Goldsboro a better place for all teens. Help them serve Impact and DELIVER in the community. A change is much needed in our city and it starts with you to make it a better place.

Don’t miss their first meeting April 22, 2017 from 1p.m. to 3p.m. at the Faith Presbyterian Church, 2214 N. Berkeley Blvd, Goldsboro. All teens are invited! Khalil Cobb states “We are a family and we look out for one another. It's time to work together to bring the leader out of each and every one of you.”

To apply to be a Board Member or for more information call 919-273-7794 or send an email to or go to

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