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Saturday, September 3, 2016


I extend the warmest of greetings to you loyal followers of The Buzz. Perhaps, fall-like weather is looming on the horizon. What a summer it has been. The Olympics, political conventions and campaigning, overturned legislation, and uncontrolled violence has dominated the news headlines. Do you remember when summers were carefree and each day a new adventure? Where has the peaceful innocence of our youth gone? Does this bode well for America’s future?


As youngsters, my generation was taught right from wrong and to respect authority. Sadly, in present day USA, there exist hordes of individuals who reject authority and absolute standards of any description. Their self-serving motives neither have any understanding of, nor any willingness to abide by the laws of this nation. They are very content, not only, in establishing their own guidelines, but would have us adhere to them as well.


Growing up in Wayne County, we looked up to and respected our law officers. I never considered that our churches would ever need instruction as to how best respond to violence and criminal activity. Even under the best of circumstances, law enforcement is difficult, under appreciated, and perilous work. A routine investigation, without advance notice, can escalate into a deadly situation. We are no longer afforded any guarantees as to whether a particular venue is safe. Just how, when, and why did this occur? There is no simple explanation. It certainly did not happen overnight.


From my perspective, far too many individuals have way too much free time on their hands. Unfortunately, many children are brought up in broken homes that lack the stability my era provided. Thus, many of our youth are without adequate supervision and desperately yearn for good role models and father figures.


This young and impressionable generation needs to be taught, by example, not only how to work, but, the difference it can and will make in their lives. My brother and I were taught how to work at an early age and provided with ample opportunity to perfect and hone those skills. No one had to run us to bed, after a long day in the tobacco field.


I suspect a lot of people could avoid needless trouble, by seeking gainful employment and by being at home in their own bed by a decent hour. My father told my brother and myself, not much good was happening after midnight. We heeded his advice. It might just work for you. You be the judge. Until we next meet, be of good cheer!


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