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From the Pig Pen Where Do You Stand? Is History Repeating Itself?

As I write this article for the August edition of the buzz, I hope you are doing well and staying as cool as possible. I have stated that nothing ever surprises me anymore. But with the events we have witnessed over these past several days, I might just have to revisit that thought.

Has history taught us anything at all? We must never forget Hitler’s ideas concerning Aryan Supremacy, or the way that Americans of Japanese descent where treated during World War II. What about Black soldiers who were treated like second class citizens upon their return home to America? They bravely fought alongside their White counterparts only to be denied service in restaurants, motel accommodations, the right to drink from the same water fountain, sit in the front of the bus, or use the same bathrooms. JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and MLK were all slain as a result of their involvement in the struggle for racial equality. The majority of the major cities saw rioting, looting, uncontrolled rage, and entire city blocks were ablaze. There where policemen in riot gear, attack dogs, and fully charged water hoses.

All of this, and so much more, led to the passage of civil rights legislation in 1964. I would prefer to believe, we as a nation, have progressed beyond that threshold, but, I often find myself pondering if indeed that is the case. Just last week a neighbor asked permission to fish in our farm pond. Before I could answer, he inquired if his wife could come too. He explained to me that several local landowners had prohibited him and his wife from fishing because as he bluntly expressed to me, and I quote, “my wife is a woman of color. “ It made absolutely no difference to me.

I have no desire to and will never try to tell others what is right for them. With that being said, I refuse to live my life in a bubble and in constant fear. It is a great big and diverse world in which we live. At the very best, we are just passing thru this world. My family genealogy reveals that we were listed on a census taken in 1620. However, this makes us no better or no more deserving as American citizens that those who have arrived recently.

I have shared what I know in my heart to be right for me. You must decide for yourself where you stand. But you can rest assured of one thing. We will all be held accountable for our actions. As always, until we next meet, be of good cheer.

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