Here's the Deal!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Your life matters!! Never let any thought less than that enter your mind. You have certain things

that you can do well. We call this "gifts and talents."  What this means is that you already have within you something that makes you unique. Maybe you have developed this gift or talent, maybe you have not.


It is your decision to become a better person, or not. Each day you have the opportunity to choose which path you take. Every morning you are given a second chance. Second chance at what?  Life.


Every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you take, matters. My husband will not even say the word, "tired" or the word, "can't." Those two words are not spoken in our home. He is the most positive thinking person I know. I share this with you to encourage you today. It's time to examine your life, for real. What are you doing with your time? What are you doing that makes you better?


Since your thoughts matter, what are you thinking about? Is it positive? You can change that, if you have "stinking thinking." What do you read and watch on TV? What in the world are you doing to feed your mind good stuff?  Whatever you put in your mind matters. It affects you and your speech and your actions, therefore, it affects others around you.


How do you change your thinking for the better? You must fill your mind with the truth. Where do you find the only truth in the world? Scripture. The Holy Bible. Okay, don't throw this paper down yet. I challenge you to begin to read the Bible for yourself. It is the inspired word of God. I can tell you this because, fifteen years ago, I began to do this. No TV at night, just studying the Bible for myself after I put my children to bed. I did this night after night. The more I studied, the more I wanted to know. This will happen to you too, because God is real, His word is real and true and the more you study it on your own, you will begin to love what God loves and hate what He hates.


The reading and studying will refresh your mind and your thinking. You will begin to feel peace in your heart and the wonderful thing that God's Holy word will do for you, is heal your heart. That is one thing it did for me. God's word also gave me clarity of mind and a heart that

wanted to please God, and not man. No, I am not perfect, but, I do now strive to live as He wants.


Be encouraged to pick up your Bible or go buy one, or better yet, Google The Bible App and download it for free, then get in a quiet place. Turn everything off. Begin reading in the Book of John, then read 1st John. Then, "Keep calm and Read On!" Highlight what jumps off the page at you. God will speak to your heart, I promise. He sees you right now and is calling you to Him. Your mind and your entire life will begin to change, for the better. You will finally have internal peace, you will rest better and you will learn not to worry so much, because you will put your trust in the truth of His word. Then your life will make a difference in the lives of others. Now you know why you are here.


Here's The Deal: Study the Books of John and First John in The Bible, then keep studying the Bible for yourself, then you will be a better, self-less person and you will become all that God has created you to be! Your life matters, we're all waiting for you!


Mary Kay is from Seven Springs, NC. A Graduate of Southern Wayne High School and East Carolina University. She spent seven years working on political campaigns, six years in sales and marketing, twelve years teaching-Family and Consumer Science and Seventh Grade English. During her teaching years, she earned a B.S. degree in Religion from Mt. Olive College. She was called into pastoral ministry in 2010 and served as a pastor in The United Methodist Church for five and a half years and became a seminary student at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY.


She resigned from the United Methodist Church in January. She is currently continuing her studies and teaching scripture on WHFL-TV, (Time Warner Cable) Chanel 42.1,Tuesday nights at 7:30pm and taking care of her family. Her heart is for everyone to know Christ and grow in their faith.


Mary Kay is the daughter of Bruce Ann and Eugene Smith and resides in the Seven Springs area with her husband Tom and sons, Aaron and Brooks. Daughter, Laura resides with her husband Darren, in Greenville, SC.



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