Dan’s Easy Frittata

Wednesday, March 30, 2016




8 eggs

7 slices of pre-cooked bacon

4 crumbled and cooked sausage patties

¼ cup green onions

½ cup shredded cheese

½ bag of Ore Ida Crispy Crown potatoes

Salt, pepper and Creole seasoning to taste


Start first by cooking the Crisp Crown potatoes in the oven.  Follow directions on the bag, cooking time about 15 minutes.  While they are cooking, cook your sausage patties and bacon.  I use pre-cooked for both so it’s just a matter of warming in the microwave and breaking up the sausage.


Beat your eggs in a mixing bowl, add a teaspoon of water.  This is where I add my seasonings.  When your potatoes are done start warming up your 12-inch pan and pour in your eggs.  Maybe use medium high heat. Now place the Crispy Crowns on top of the egg mixture and move the eggs around.  You only want to cook for a couple of minutes till the eggs start cooking on the bottom.


Now, take the pan out and cook under the broiler in your oven.  My pan is not oven proof but I still put in under the broiler on the highest shelf with the handle sticking out the door.  Watch it real closely till the eggs look set and cooked.  Maybe a couple of  minutes.  At this point take it out and on top spread out your sausage, bacon and green onions.  Top it with your cheese and put back under the broiler till the cheese melts.  Make sure you’re using a potholder!! When done take it out and cut into 8 slices!

Serve with fruit, toast, grits and whatever makes you full and happy!

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