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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hebrews 6:12 (NIV) “We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”

God speaks things to me but neglects to include the plan or the timeframe.  He just gives me a vision or the end-result planted in my heart by the Holy Spirit and then asks me to be faithful and wait until it happens.  Several months back God did this once again.  He gave me the where and the what but NOT the how nor the when.  To be honest I was not excited but then I remembered that God would never lead me in a direction that was not for my good so I began to do what I do best…plan. 

The bad part is that my plan and His plan are never the same and when I begin to plan normally, it does not work out the way in which I thought would be best.  I then find myself disappointed and frustrated with God when in reality He NEVER asked me to plan how His promise would take shape.  While talking with a friend just the other evening, who happens to be a pastor and missionary, I shared how I knew God was with me and would never leave me but that I wanted the promises to happen now and not later.  He smiled and shared a similar story from his youth when God asked him to wait for something eight long years.  He also gave my husband and me the scripture that God had given him during that time of waiting. 


Hebrews 6:12 explains that true disciples or followers of Jesus must not become lazy or give up when things don’t happen right away or in the fashion we believed would be best.  It then goes on to state the fact that we must imitate those who inherited what was promised them.  Well, that sounds great until you see they had to be both faithful and patient.  I am good with the faithful part but the patience is one place I struggle… sometimes on an hourly basis!  However, if this is the way to receive all God has for me I am willing to do it.


I cannot become one of the lazy for the promises God has revealed to me are much too amazing and will benefit generations of people when they become realities.  You see, God will do what He plans with or without me.  It is my choice to be obedient, faithful, and patient so that I can be a part of that plan and be blessed by Him in the process.  God never needs me but I will always need Him.  The same applies in your life, too.  Just because things have not happened the way you thought they should, does not mean God is finished.  Keep your faith and continue to grow your patience for you never know what tomorrow may bring.


Publisher Note: Jessica Daly is a native of Wayne County and currently resides in the Lynchburg, Va. She is a graduate of Eastern Wayne High School and East Carolina University where she has earned a BS in elementary education as well as her Master’s Degree in Library Science.  Jessica is married to Brian Daly, a native of Wayne County for 14 years and they share a daughter, Taylor who is 11 years old.  Jessica began My Daly Outreach Ministries, a ministry dedicated to caregivers, in January 2011.  The ministry consists of an online website,, a published book entitled “Brian’s Update” and inspirational speaking across the country bringing awareness to forgotten caregivers.  Jessica is now a Research Librarian at Liberty University




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