Father’s Day My Rare Gem

Friday, May 29, 2015

June 21st will be Father’s Day and I remember a dream I had in 2008. It was the morning of April 16th, Daddy’s birthday. The sights and sounds of the places we went while on vacation when I was a child seemed so real. We traveled to Washington, D.C, Philadelphia but I liked going to Atlantic Beach, S.C the best! The picnic lunch Mom usually made for us was fried chicken, deviled eggs, pickles and chocolate cake.


Daddy was a hard working mechanic, a man of few words and a rare gem. “I love you” were words he seldom uttered.  However when he held me, looked at me and smiled, love is what I felt. He would never want to see tears coming from my eyes because he would think I was hurting but this morning I woke up crying. Was I shedding tears of joy and sorrow at the same time? I have no idea. You see while I was dreaming I heard his voice, felt his love, saw him smile once again and that made me happy however I woke up feeling sad because I wanted more time with him.


Father’s Day is a day set aside to honor, remember Fathers. There are men that step in when Father is not there like uncles, grandfathers, friends, and positive role models. We honor and thank you also. It is a good thing to start every day giving thanks to our heavenly Father and praising Him for loving us in spite of ourselves.


Clara Barnes Costner    



“Praise him for his mighty acts; praise him according to his excellent greatness” Psalms 150:2   KJV 


Photo:  Milford Barnes



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