Feelings By Clara Costner Barnes

Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you lonely and afraid

Although you are in a crowded place

Are there signs of worry

Showing on your face


Feel as though you are not accepted

Looked down on by your peers

When you lie down at night

Are you wiping away tears


Have you ever felt defeated

Done all you know to do to win

Have you searched many places

Looking for a true friend


Do you ever sit and wonder

How you got in such a mess

And wish there was someone

To whom you could confess


There is a man called Jesus

That is waiting and He loves you

Just confess, repent, believe and except Him

Such a simple thing to do


You will learn that He is faithful

Supplies love that will always last

When you invite Him into your heart

He will never bring up your past


Sometimes you might not feel happy

Family, friends might not want you around

But do not depend on your feelings

Just believe you are Heaven bound


Clara Barnes Costner

Happy Thanksgiving


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