Voting For Our Future by Dan Wroblewski, Publisher

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I normally stay away from politics when writing in The Buzz but because I feel the upcoming elections are so important I just want to remind everyone that if you haven’t already done so it’s time to begin thinking of whom you’re going to vote for in November.

Having worked at 9 newspapers for over 43 years, I use to take in consideration opinion pages and endorsements by some newspapers before making my final decisions. After 4 decades of voting that now has changed for me as I believe today most newspapers and other media have their own agendas and I’m not really sure how much they really care about everyone else. In making my final decision I now gather my facts on every candidate from as many sources that I can find. No longer will one political party, commercial, newspaper or other media determine my final vote.

As I stated earlier, with what’s going on in this country and the world for that matter, this could be one of the most important elections of my life, my children’s lives and for my Grandchildren’s future. So please, if you do nothing else, be sure to vote and maybe take advantage of those early voting locations!

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