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Spreading Free Smile Across Goldsboro! Stovall Family Dentistry will host Dentistry From The Heart

Dr. Orlando R. Stovall and Dr. Jonelle Stovall of Stovall Family Dentistry are out to change lives by offering free smiles to anyone who needs an extraction, filling or cleaning, as they host the latest event for Dentistry From The Heart. This is the first DFTH event for Stovall Family Dentistry, who has donated more than $100,000 in free dental care to more than 300 Goldsboro residents through other charities.

“Now more than ever, I know there’s people out there that need our services, but have no means to afford them – whether they’re out of a job, or just don’t have dental insurance, this Dentistry From The Heart event is our way of giving back to the community, and being there for the people who are in need of dental work,” said Dr. Orlando Stovall

The event will take place on September 19, 2014 at Stovall Family Dentistry at 1504 Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro. Registration starting at 7:30 am, Stovall Family Dentistry and their volunteers will treat however many they can service by 5:00 pm. For more information, visit or the organization’s national website at

Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) is a national non-profit organization with a simple mission – making people smile. Founded in 2001 by a dentist in New Port Richey, Florida, DFTH was created to aid those in need, including the growing population of under-insured Americans. Over 100 million Americans lack dental insurance, and over 29 percent of adults have untreated cavities. Without events like DFTH, dental care simply isn’t an option for many of the uninsured. To date, DFTH has helped over 5,000 patients and provided over $1 million in dental care.

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