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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gospel Of Wayne County Magazine

By Robin Wade

This month marks the anniversary of The Gospel of Wayne County magazine and we are so excited to announce 2 super additions as we celebrate the launch of Power 101 via the internet/app and our sister station partnership with Annette Grady and The Bluegrass Jamboree. Incorporating 100+ churches into a colorful 24 page monthly spread has been an exciting and rewarding undertaking and the expansion of radio will be a huge benefit for the entire community.

Over the past year we have been blessed to share stories of local ministries and connecting the dots for the faith-based community through the collaboration.  Last fall we launched the website, www.thegospelofwaynecounty, now the home of  WADE Power 101.  Establishing relationships with partners such as The BUZZ has proven to be equally effective in reaching the masses in this marketplace, saving businesses thousands of dollars annually, while producing effective results.  It’s the future of new media that has shifted our marketplace. Should anyone need to reach me I can be contacted at robyn@thegospelofwaynecounty.com or at 919-221-5582. 

Speaking of other mediums in the marketplace, my partner Annette Grady with the Bluegrass Jamboree has brought the legacy of her grandfather, Chester Thompson alive online.  

Annette states “My career in radio has been exciting from day one but nothing compares to the excitement of working closely with a great friend, radio veteran and business associate. Debuting last September, The Bluegrass Jamboree is pleased to partner with The Gospel of Wayne County, presenting  (internet) radio presence to listeners near and far with flair that only Robyn Wade and I, Annette Grady, have. Unique to say the least but it’s the kind of unique that stands out and grabs you; makes you want to tune in day after day!”

This is a great way to reach out to listeners, which is a benefit to businesses that wish to reach the masses by affordable means. To find out more about advertising with The Bluegrass Jamboree, contact Annette Grady, 919-920-3405. 


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