Who Are You Listening To?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I remember the time in my marriage roughly nine years ago, when everything seemed as if it was going to crumble. There were people in my life I chose to listen to, and all they offered were words of doubt. “You can find better.” “Just let him go.” “You deserve to be happy.”

Be careful who you are seeking advice from. If the advice being whispered in your ear is not godly, biblical based advice you need to run from it! It will not work.


I am here to tell you that the things whispered in your ear can make all the difference in your desire to succeed or fail, your desire to be healed, your desire to work on your marriage, your desire to be set free from the pit that you have fallen into, and your desire to overcome this giant mountain you are facing.


Naysayers can be found within your friends, family, and even within your church! During life, there will be hundreds of people who will not only tell you what you cannot do, but what you can’t accomplish. I know what it’s like to have words tossed at you like, “You’ll never amount to anything.” How do we deal with the criticism of negative people? Practice selective hearing. TUNE THEM OUT.


Satan wants to thwart your God-given purpose and he will stop at nothing to see that you are attacked with gossip, belittled, or assaulted with negative words. When you are walking through the fire and all hell is breaking lose in your life, you don’t need worriers you need warriors to stand with you! Who are you listening to?

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