America’s Best Carwash Fundraising Made Simple

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Washing at America’s Best Carwash is a way your organization can help the world we live in.

As an organization, when you run your own car wash, personal injury to a member of your organization or to a supporter are all possibilities. It just doesn’t make sense for your organization to assume that kind of risk.


Also, water may be plentiful – or in short supply. The fact remains that washing cars with a hose and a bucket uses up to four times the amount of water used at America’s Best Carwash. And, with water and sewer bills going up, why encourage waste when you can encourage conservation?




At America’s Best Carwash we have a unique program to help you make money for your organization.  As an example the face value of our  Basic Wash is $17.95. Your organization purchases the Basic Wash for $6.95 each; the minimum purchase is 100 washes. You resell the Basic Wash for $17.95 and make a profit of $11.00 per sale or $1,100 total!

The car washes that you sell can be used by the purchasers at a time convenient for them. Thus, your fundraising event cannot get “rained out.” Further, America’s Best Carwash uses a car-safe non-abrasive soft cloth, and we dispose of the wastewater according to strict EPA, state and local regulations. Partnering with America’s Best Carwash empowers your fundraising efforts by enabling you to offer a desirable and environmentally responsible service.


Members of the International Car Wash Association, like us, have been helping charities raise funds through car wash sales through-out the United States. By working with America’s Best Carwash, charities, scouts, schools and church groups typically raise far more money than doing it alone.

America’s Best Carwash offers a service that people in our community already know about. When they buy an America’s Best Carwash from your organization, they know are supporting your activities and getting a great carwash too!

Email: to set up your Fundraiser today!


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